Capturing Screen at EASE

Hello everybody, this is the review of the Movavi Screen Capture Studio.

Basically it is screen capturing software, I am telling this to you because you could not possibly have guessed it, from its name. Screen capturing suites are very much needed, since there are many online video sharing websites that do not support video download. It is not just online videos but recording gameplays isn’t easy either. A screen capturing software can get the job done. There are many screen capturing software suites on the World Wide Web. My favorite of them all is Movavi’s Screen capture studio.

Capture streaming video is now made easy, thanks to Screen Capture Studio. Live videos can be recorded in full screen at ease. Open up the application and select from a list of presets. There is an option for recording live streaming videos as well as for recording high definition game plays. The screen recording can be done in a format of your choice or can even convert it to any format of your choice.
You can download this software from the official website of the Movavi, after the download has been completed, it is just simple steps to carry out the installation.

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Google Nexus 5

Google has plans of its own, with a wide variety of smart devices that it has lined up, now there is a lot to choose from. After the launch of Google Nexus 7 II by ASUS, there was a very big craze among the people all over. That much of something in Nexus 7 II tablet, at a very low price, which made the tablet market go down for all the others. It is expected to be released in India very soon. When it has conquered the tablet world, there is a something more for the Google to achieve. There is a new smartphone coming from the Google built by LG.

The Nexus series’ design is done by Google and manufactured by different manufacturers. This time, for the Galaxy Nexus 5 smartphone, the manufacturer is LG. Rumors say that it was to be released in the month of October but still no news about its release date from Google. The expectations have gone high and the reason behind it is that the device is said to be running the new operating system for handheld devices from Google. Google named it KitKat, this android version is V 4.4. This leaked information about the phone made the people wait for it desperately.

As far as the sources say, the phone is said to have 5 inches screen which is a true HD IPS display of 441 ppi density. The rear has an 8 mp autofocus camera and a 1.2mp camera at the front. It comes in two different storage capacity, 16 GB or 32 GB internal storage space.

The processing is powered by a Quad core Krait processor of speed 2.3 GHz with a Qualcomm MSM8974 Snapdragon 800 chipset. […]

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10 computer programming languages you might want to know

PHP: 1. This is an open source server side HTML scripting language, which is very useful for web developers. 2. This programming language is very easy to embed into standard HTML pages.

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Movavi PowerPoint to Video Converter

Hi everybody, this is the review of Movavi Power Point to Video Converter.

There are many software suites from Movavi and this particular suite is used to convert powerpoint to video. There are many converters available on the web that can convert powerpoint presentations in to videos.

This software suite is very easy to use and helps in converting powerpoint presentation into videos of any video format. This software is compatible on all the popular operating system like the windows, mac, unix., and can be played on any media player.

These presentation files can also be converted to MPEG, so that it supports DVD playback, because mostly DVD players support MPEG format of videos. These presentations can also be transferred to portable devices such as ipods, iphones, blackberrys, sony’s PSPs and other mobile devices.

You can also add music tracks to your presentation that was just convert using this converter. By music track, I mean that you can actually add voice to your presentation and let your visual presentation do the talking. Customization is also possible with this converter software; you could alter the timings or the length of the presentation. Presets are also available in which you could find the regular and popular video size or you could manually fix the size of the presentation video.

I am using this software and was very pleased with its unique features that I have mentioned above. There are other converters that can do the same job but not as the Movavi Powerpoint to Video converter.

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Cyber security in 2013

Cyber security awareness: The cyber security awareness has changed in the past few decades, but there are certain people who don’t know to stay secure with their account. Security threats are mostly seen in the IT market which includes transfer of networks from one end to the other. More and more software’s are continuing to have lots of vulnerabilities, and even the people are continuing the same. Every year the attacks in cyber crime are much more targeted. Even though such vulnerabilities exist there are a number of ways to create cyber security awareness. System security:

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The evolution of as-a-service data center technologies

This type of service is very common among the cloud, because new technologies are paving way in our daily lives. Everything as a service comes to our mind, because of data center providers who have actively tried to become your one stop destination for all your computer needs. There are many new types of services, which are emerging around the modern data center used for the users.

Network as a service:

The delivery of data depends on the speed and latency of the network. The key category of cloud computing is NAAS where specific delivery modes are used. As more users connect to the data center for data sharing, storage and so on a high quality network is necessary.

Data as a service:

In this service model data is delivered on demand in a manner which allows the actual information to transfer.
The idea is to offer data to various systems, different types of applications, and different user groups.
The data will be available always with the presence and the absence of the data owner.
Various cloud vendors are opting DAAS models to enhance the data delivery process.
High-level vendors of cloud store the data in the form of queues, tables and blobs.
Organizations are looking towards controlling structured and unstructured data sets,

As a backend service:

This service is for the users coming via mobile devices. It provides optimized features with notifications to a variety of devices. BAAS enhances the mobile computing experience by integrating with cloud ready hosting vendors like Azure, Rack space and so on.

Everything as a service:

EAAS aims to provide core services associated with various core components.
It includes communication, infrastructure, data, and various platforms and so on.
An example of EAAS is SAAS where the software is delivered completely via the cloud.
Cloud […]

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Fog computing- extending the cloud to the edge

 Fog technology:

The home of fog is edge computing and it takes the data and workload technology to a new level. Data is delivered in enormous quantities to many users. For proper optimization of cloud computing, organizations are looking towards a way to deliver its content to the end users. In such cases it eliminates latency and hoping cycles. It supports the field of mobile computing and data streaming.  So, the future of the cloud should be adoptable as “everything as a service” and the users can access more data from any part of the world.  Fog computing is used in such cases to speed up data transfer rate. It plays a major role to support internet and wireless data transfer. Fog sets up a new strategy along with distributed computing to deliver networks of more complex services. The technology has more impacts on modern data center and the cloud.

Features of fog computing:

Fog brings the data closer to the user because the volume of data being delivered by the cloud creates a direct cache data or other services.
These services are located to the end user to improve data access and latency.
It creates geographical distribution in dense areas.
Fog has the ability to extend direct cloud services by creating an edge network, which suits at various points.
Big data analysis can be done at a faster rate where real time data analytic can become a reality on a massive scale.
It gives out full support over mobility because using fog the admin can control the number of devices that enters into the cloud.
With such a unique feature, the organizations can adore high security over their large data.
Administrators can bring rich content transfer to the user faster, more efficiently with […]

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Utility storage for virtual and cloud computing

Storage segments:

Today, many organizations are looking towards better resources for improved monitoring techniques. Intelligent storage systems can help an organization to cut costs and control resources. In HP’s white paper uniform platform is created for efficiency and growth of a unified platform. This storage infrastructure is designed for the needs of Virtualization and cloud computing. This storage of HP has wide advantages because it has distributed environment multi-tenancy. It has benefits over cloud, Virtualization, and data center efficiency. These types of converged systems are manageable featuring with more advanced functionality. So with these storage infrastructures the admin can control segments of logical storage which can be better flexible in the whole organizations. The business people mostly are transforming their way towards IT sector, because of its development trends. Many organizations are profitable and looking towards the best infrastructure which can store enormous amounts of data.

HP’s white paper:

You can download a HP’s white paper on converged storage environments, because it can help you to predict on how an organization can develop in the IT service.
Advanced automation and self-provisioned service is in demand because, the system is like HP will reduce administrative cost and can have more key benefits.
This will reduce the hardware footprint and deploy the advanced HP platforms like converged storage.
Organizations can get a chance to expand their data service if they explore such storage segments.
So systems with efficient usage and having good equipped technologies are easier to control and maintain.
According to white papers, companies especially in the IT sectors can have a chance to expand their data centers for a maximum of 2 to 5 years.
Remember to use intelligent systems always which will provide you more flexibility and agile.
The admin can have the […]

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    How to restore permanently deleted files on PC, USB or SD cards

How to restore permanently deleted files on PC, USB or SD cards

Files that has been deleted:

If you want to replace a deleted file from the PC then you can restore it from the recycle bin. However, you cannot restore the files deleted from external USB drives, flash drives, etc. Sometimes by using shift + delete will permanently remove files and you cannot restore it from the recycle bin. Nevertheless, there are certain applications that will help you to store even the permanently deleted files. Generally, all memory storage devices have an access point, which can help you to recover even the recently deleted files. One such program is Recuva, which lets you to restore files easily.

Steps to restore files using Recuva:

The first step is installing the program in your PC.
After downloading new windows will appear and check out the wizard for further process.
Then select what you want to restore.
You can search for music, documents, pictures, emails or compressed files.
The best way is to select all files option.
After selecting, the required data click on next button.
Then specify the location, where you have deleted the files and if it is from your computer drive click on the appropriate option else click am not sure button.
Here again the best way is to prefer an option to search everywhere in the computer for deleted files.
The wizard will now ask you either to tick enable the deep scan or to scan normally by clicking the start button.
After the completion of scab, you will be shown with all deleted files, folders, photos, and flash drive and so on.
You can switch to advanced view for searching your files easily.
After locating your deleted file either right click or choose the recover option that is available at the top right corner of the page.
You […]

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Wild gadgets to buy if you are a millionaire

Personal killer whale submarine: You need to spend around $100 to travel underworld and it is a 17-foot killer whale like a submarine, which can travel under water at 25 miles per hour. It can also hydroplane on the surface of water wit accommodation of 2 people.

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