An Useful Portal to Search Colleges

If you are deciding on attending college or any institute, it is expected that you have developed a few idea concerning your career path, or the courses you aim to take to have there. An  easy-to-use and free college locating tool can give you the opportunity to explore thousands of institutes and universities countrywide by means of a lot of variables, and thus you may easily locate a college by your choice and produce a list of institutes that will fulfill your academic necessities.

A portal recently released is the latest career portal released in India to assist students in choosing the most suitable option that is accessible. There are numerous career options offered to select with thousands of academies to opt. There are large numbers of parameters that the learners look while deciding the career course. One of the major factors taken into account by all students is perhaps the placement record of any college or university. A general way to prefer the correct institute is to navigate each one’s website and examine the placement record of the past. But, this option is not feasible, because there are portals as collegedunia that permits to look at one site that give all the information regarding the college and its courses.

The reasons why all students must use it

This website is really one stop portal found in online to explore and apply for the suitable course in a college according to choice. The website offers information about many courses of higher education and colleges such as Science Colleges, names of Engineering Colleges, and many others. To name different colleges in Delhi, St. Stephens is one of the renowned institutes. Any student can have all the information of his chosen college prior to have any decision about […]

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An Indian Store to Shop Online

Shopping may be an amusing activity for some people; however, for others it is annoying. For those who feel it annoying, online shopping is the greatest option accessible. Online shopping may be fun, inexpensive, time-saving and easy. Moreover, since it offers a controlled setting, the possibilities of splurging are lesser.

Recently, merchants as well as online consumers are presented with a collection of options when they visit for online shopping. Some of the brands and stores have their own commercial website through which customers can purchase things online. Comparison search engines for shopping are more popular, since they offer shoppers with the choice of searching and evaluating the prices of particular products in the similar category. It invariably would provide the buyers with the best deals of that time. It also assists shoppers to purchase on the basis of price rate, the online merchant’s status, product info and customer buying reviews.

Benefits of a Reputed Online Store

India’s best and most important online shopping centre has created its market place in online world with nearly more than 3000 featured brands, over 250000 products, in various towns and cities.


Snapdeal has offered a platform to sellers throughout the nation to connect millions of shoppers. The widest variety of items in national and foreign brands with a variety of categories as Mobile phones, Electronic goods, Fashion accessories, attire and Footwear, Kids product, Health care etc all are transported to one’s door step in only two simple steps of order and then pay.

The payment system is 100% protected and allows all major credit cards and debit cards. Cash back is guaranteed along with one week return policy if there is dissatisfaction. Their website has an outstanding young group of workers […]

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How EaseUS Todo Backup can be Useful

Cloud services have seen a new height recently as people are tending to store their important documents and files in virtual storage vaults. We can easily understand the importance of it. Storing files in online vaults means you can access those file remotely from any location if you have internet connection. It is pretty easy and comes in handy as you don’t have to carry the all important files. Also, if the system informations and important registry files, shared dll files and system files can be stored, nothing like it. This provides a unique opportunity of restoring the whole windows system, if your computer gets crashed or in time of infection. Beside virtual places like Dropbox and myCloud, there are couple of software, which provides the same function; one of them is EaseUS Todo Backup Software. Being developed by Chengdu Yiwo Tech Development group, this tool has earned a name for itself in its early years ever, because of its efficiency. EaseUS Todo securely backs up your file and documents and also the whole system file within the chest and also in online server, so that you can use it in case of any system crash. This review will help you to better understand its functionality and also will help you to judge it.

Major features:

EaseUS Todo Backup, an all-in-one backup freeware solution, which securely saves all your files, discs, partitions within its streamlined interface. You can choose the type of back up you want it to take and then it finishes the job by copying and storing the data securely.
This tool consumes very less disc space and pretty much lightweight. So, the software runs with minimal system resource. You do not have to use […]

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DodoCase Cardboard Headset

Google has made an interesting thing a few months before when it launched a Cardboard in an I/O developers’ seminar. Cardboard signified the inexpensive virtual reality headset that one could probably prepare, either with the equipment offered by Google, or through blueprints that can be found at free online.

About the manufacture of the product

Phone accessory manufacturer DodoCase released its own model of Cardboard, which is a Virtual Reality Viewer. This product is manufactured in collaboration with Google. Founder of DodoCase, Patrick Buckley said that the company was motivated by the thought of getting some type of virtual reality to many people.

Buckley said that there are about 1.75 billion of Smartphone customers in the present day. They can be developed into VR devices. And DodoCase have now made it achievable for people all over the place to discover virtual reality in a reasonable price and in easy way with the new Smartphone Virtual Reality Viewer. Such do-it-yourself kit will permit you to put up your personal cardboard headset in a number of minutes and thus you can get the excitement, fun and thrilling world of VR.


The DodoCase observer is made with a cardboard, together with adhesive and Velcro and also 2 convex lenses. Any latest Smartphone can be installed inside, although phablets may need some alterations. Buckley also declared that entire case can be simply hacked in the same DIY manner, since it is only cardboard. The handset is placed straight inside it, with the screen in front of the viewer’s eyes.

Smartphone apps made for VR will usually show two slightly distinct pictures on the phone’s display screen to create stereoscopic 3D, and the phone’s integrated gyroscopes can identify movement. Buckley said that the company also decides to […]

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    Digital Wallet: Can Apple pull it off? PayPal has Something to Say…

Digital Wallet: Can Apple pull it off? PayPal has Something to Say…

With Apple’s keynote on September 9 over, we all know about the new iPhones, iOS 8 and Apple smartwatch done, the company also revealed something new – Apple Pay. It is Apple’s own payment system for iPhone users and uses NFC to achieve it. This is the first time Apple is getting into the digital payment world and can be a possible threat to existing companies. However, PayPal – an existing and established online payment company thinks that Apple is up for a hard time.

The Digital Wallet

Both Android and Windows Phone 8 support online payment via NFC where available. Apple was holding off on NFC till iPhone 6 to finally reveal it along with payment system. The digital wallet significantly simplifies your money transactions and frees you from the burden of carrying a leather wallet and credit cards. Multiple cards can be configured easily. However, there are already other solutions available like PayPal where you pay through your online account.

PayPal’s Warning

Digital money can be difficult to manage and people are finicky. The mass will not just suddenly run for digital wallet unless one provides something extra. In addition, not all banking institutions support NFC payments. PayPal over the decade has built connection with more than 15000 financial institutions and already has 150 million active users. According to them, such management is not easy and takes years of expertise to achieve. PayPal’s Rob Skinner even joked that “It’s much more difficult to do payments than to keep a live stream working!”

The Future

It seems like Apple maybe testing uncharted territory and chances are the “Apple Maps” fiasco happening again. However, Apple might just pull it off in time making it a hit. PayPal though thinks otherwise. […]