Lenovo, the Chinese electronics company, has launched its new smartphone in the Indian market. This phone is named Vibe X. This company has been struggling in the smartphone business recently and they expect that this particular release would turn the tide around for their company. This phone has a cool design and some amazing features and specifications that makes it a really good product.


This smartphone has a 5-inch screen that is full HD. It runs on a 1.5GHz quad-core MediaTek 6589T processor and uses Android 2.2 Jelly Beanas its operating system. For its internal memory, it contains a 2GB of RAM. It also uses a 16 GB memory which can be expanded upto 32 GB using a microSD slot. It is powered by a 2,000mAh battery. There are two cameras like in every other phone. The front camera has a resolution of 5MP and that of the rear camera is 13MP. It offers amazing and reliable connectivity and it includes 2G, 3G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0 and microUSB 2.0.

Look and design

This phone is completely made out of plastic whereas its sibling K900 is made using a metal body. It comes with the company’s proprietary laser etched finish. Its thickness is about 6.9mm and this gives it a slim and sleek profile. In fact, it is slimmer than iPhone 5S and Samsung Galaxy S4. Not just its slimness, it is also very light at 120 grams and is extremely lighter than most of the high spec phones available in the market today.
It is available in black and silver color combinations. Having a 5-inch and a 1080p Gorilla Glass 3 display, it can be seen as a competitor in the phablet market too. It […]


Razer is very popular in the gaming market and among gamers. It is now all set to release its next gaming laptop, Blade, which has an inanely great screen and the clarity to display every pixel clearly. These days when the gaming market is dominated by consoles, Razer has provided an amazing competition with its brilliant gaming laptops. Blade is so good that it s impossible to ignore it and it has many amazing features as well.


It is a real beauty. It has an anodized black aluminum body much similar to the previous model. It is so easy to sail fingers through the keyboard that it almost fells like you are moving your hands in the air. The only problem is that the fingerprints do not go off so easily. It is not as hefty as the windows laptops but it weighs 14.47 pounds which makes it lighter than a 13 inch Macbook Pro Retina.

The beauty of the screen

The best feature of this gaming laptop is definitely its beautiful screen. It is made of a QHD+ 3200×1800 joint and hence it can contain more number of pixels at 262 PPI. Also it has a touchscreen and works well with Windows 8. There is no protruding or projected plastic from the screen’s metal frame. It is made as a single layer of beautiful glass pane. The screen looks very pretty even when it is turned off.

Keyboard and other aspects of the design

The key board is slim, sleek and is very smooth to use. The trackpad is extremely good and is almost as good as the trackpads in the MacBooks. But just like the 2013 model, this one also has two plastic buttons […]

All Information in One App and Get Instantly-Askme

Unleash your mind from the tension stuffed surfing, about the travel and local information over the online by wasting the golden times. It sounds weird right, now you can get the question like this is usual process and what else is there, to change this. Now the awesome app is especially developed for you in the name of Askme, which will help you to get rid from the usual lengthy process of searching travel and local things.

What is Askme app? where to get this?

Askme app is like an encyclopedia; don’t stuff your thought with the usual one, because the app will help you to get more and more information about the business in your locality, shops, eat, drink, and relax and much more. You can easily find out this app in your android based smart mobile under the Google play. Never frighten to download this because it is absolutely free app and done many things for you.

List of Features:

Never look strange your locality because the Askme app will change it your well-known by its awesome features. If you looking for the shops in your locality to purchase the mobiles and more, just enter your locality details and your need and get the full detailed information at that time without any delay. You fold your world within this app and search all.

If you are looking for the businesses in your locality don’t wander around the streets of your local instead of that you can get your favorite local businesses on your mobile by the Askme app help. Now you can get the question like why should I wander around the streets of my local I can get all over the online with the help of […]

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All the speculative reports about the iPhone 6

Recently a speculation has been doing rounds about the release date of Apple iPhone 6. According to this speculation iPhone 6 will be released on September 25th this year and there will be two versions of it. Also this new iPhone 6 will be named as iPhone Air. One will be a 4.7 inch version and the other a 5.5 inch version. Also the former will be priced at $850 and the latter at a rate of $965, as far as these speculative reports go. If these speculations are true then this will be the most expensive iPhone released so far.

But another speculation by a German telecom company Deutsche Telekom has claimed that the iPhone 6 will be launched on September 19th. Not just websites and other telecom companies, news agencies are also speculating on the release date of the new iPhone. News reports about iPhone 6’s release has been around for a while and they are saying that this new phone will come with a retina display. Many images and videos of dummy prototypes of iPhone Air has been on the internet and social media for a while. As of now it is rumored that China Mobile and China Unicom are jointly testing a prototype of the iPhone 6’s performance with the 4G network.

Will iPhone 6 deliver or not ?

All of this has given Apple and its iPhone 6 the much required hype and anticipation that it was expecting. This could really help Apple in selling its next smartphone. On the other hand this could add extra pressure on them, since a lot is expected out of iPhone6 now. Apple’s secret behind their amazing […]

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What is AI?

Artificial Intelligence has become a general term that is used to describe computers, robots and softwares that co-ordinate and work together to mimic human behaviour and intelligence. In the future, these AI based machines or agents, as they are technically called, are expected to take over most of the work that are done predominantly by humans right now.

Now human-like senses such as emotional evaluations, psychological predictions, intuition and fine grained judgments can be taught to these machines. This idea may sound easy but it is extremely difficult to implement it. With the help of the advancements made in technology it is possible to turn the ideas of AI into a reality.

Examples of AI based machines

None of the developments take place overnight, they occur due to a culmination of many discoveries and innovations. Artificial Intelligence is not an exception to this rule. There have been many crude AI based products especially in computer video games. In computerized chess, you can play against yourself or against a computer. The developer of this game would have already programmed the best moves to be taken under different situations in the code. Thus the programmer has taught the computer how to react in different circumstances. There are many other computer games which use decision making codes to think and react.

Another example is Google self-driving system. You just have to jump into this car, type in the destination and let the car do the rest for you. It uses Google Auto Link to map the best route and drives you through it. Also, it can make decisions based on different circumstances. All of these are nothing but attempts that were made to implement AI.

Potential of AI

After […]


Many people have been expressing the desire to see smart TVs that can bridge the gap between computers and TV. Good, quality smart TVs can provide the ultimate living room experience. Apple has already made progress in this direction with Apple TV. Google has also been trying to design a compelling smart TV that can be a good competitor in the market and they have had some failed attempts too in the likes of Google TV. Now it has shut down its Google TV idea and has shifted to Android TV, the first full-fledged smart TV project from Google.

About this smart TV

It is not just like any other smart TVs in the market. It comes with some built-in Android features that makes it really smart. Unlike other manufacturers like Samsung or Sony they are capitalizing on their already popular operating system Android which makes it extremely easy to use and portable.

Marketing stratergy

This Android TV will hit the stores across the U.S from this fall. At Google I/O, a demo was shown about this Android TV running on a new platform and looking somewhat like an Amazon Fire TV. However, the company executives said that they have no intentions of getting into the hardware business and that they just want to create a platform for others to use and improve. The reason being that the hardware requirements for creating a new TV is too high and not as inexpensive as it was for the other tables and phones. Also their failures with Google TV has made them think twice and they must have come to a conclusion that its too risky given the cost.

Google is quickly expanding its horizon to compete with all the […]

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We are living in a social network age where almost all the technologies and services are designed to bring us all closer together, despite the geographic constraints. Many companies have sprung up in the last decade or so to help the world achieve this goal. There are social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and apps for the same like WhatsApp, Hike and so on. The latest and the most interesting one to join this group is Snapchat.

About Snapchat and its performance

Snapchat is a photo messaging application. It was developed by students from Stanford University, Evan Spiegel and Robert Murphy. This is an app that allows you to share photos, record voices and send text and drawings, called as Snaps in this app, to a certain of recipients to whom the user wishes to send it. It may seem pretty ordinary but the best part is, it is ephemeral. This means that the Snaps that you send through Snapchat will be deleted from the Snapchat server without any traces, after a certain time limit has expired. The time limit can be set from 1 to 10 seconds. If the recipient does not view these snaps then he or she will not be able to see it again. According to Snapchat it has over 700 million Snaps being shared everyday and the Snapchat stories being viewed over 500 million times per day.

Snapchat’s interface

It has an easy to use interface. The application has a large, circular button at the bottom which is the camera button. The user can take a picture by clicking the camera button once, do the required editing and share it on Snapchat which can be viewed by the recipients within the set time […]

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Water is an essential resource, especially in those areas or countries where there is severe water shortage. A team of researcher have come up with a way that might solve this problem to certain extent. They have inspired this idea from a bug found in the deserts of Africa called the Namib desert beetle.

The concept

This beetle can easily survive for many days even in the most driest desert. It collects water by developing a pattern of water repelling and water attracting molecules on its wings. This allows it to collect water directly from the moisture in the air by trapping water molecules in crests and troughs.

The scientists decide to use this concept to create a mat that can absorb water molecules directly from the air, just like the beetle can, using billions of tiny carbon tubes. First they added two polymer layers. One is a water attracting layer on top and another is a water repelling layer at the bottom. On top of these layers a group of 1 centimeter high carbon nanotubes are placed.

How to use it ?

When this specially prepared mat is placed on a surface, say a wall then it starts working. The top layer consisting of the water attracting molecules draws water into the carbon nanotubes. Then the water will be contained in these nanotubes by the water repelling surface on the bottom although a negligible amount of water will be lost due to evaporation. It works almost like a sponge. It simply sucks in the moisture from the air and stores it. So all you need to do is place this in a humid area where there is a lot of moisture in the air.

It is still too early […]

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Explore High Features with Xolo Q1200

Xolo a fresh new name

The 21st century era is an age of latest gadgets and technologies. In this age, each and every person is equipped and desires for a smartphone that can allow him or her to stand out among the crowd. While some names have always been popular in delivering mobile phones, Xolo a new company has now emerged that assures to give quality phones at quite reasonable rates.

The amazing features of Xolo Q1200

Xolo has indeed made a brave move by offering its smartphones among the other competitive companies. The latest release of Xolo Q1200 has been a revolutionary step in the arena of smartphones. The phone is loaded with all kinds of features and specifications that truly make it as one of the desirable phones. The company has offered the phone at a price of Rs. 13,999. As per the specifications are concerned the phone has 5 inch screen size with HD display. The gesture control, float task, cold access apps, voice recognition and smart reading mode are some of the attractive features that the phone offers at such a price. The device runs on 4.2 Jelly Bean Android version, however promising the customers to upgrade to the latest 4.4 KitKat version. With 1GB RAM along with a quad core processor of 1.3GHZ Media Tek, the device is bound to function smoother and faster. As per the camera is required, the phone model is offering an 8 MP rear camera accompanied with dual LED flash, along with a 2MP front camera. The camera is itself loaded with features like scene detection, face recognition, geo tagging along with many more by which you can truly enjoy clicking. Sporting a Corning Gorilla Glass 3 […]

Apple’s HealthKit- A Revolutionary Step by Apple

The mobile technology got itself renamed with the introduction of Apple’s Iphone series. Steve Jobs has rightly been successful in establishing his name with top quality products and services. Apple has always been the most popular name in the field of gadgets. Especially when it is about smartphones, Iphones have been able to gain a significant level of importance. Knowing this craze of more and more people for Iphone, Apple has introduced its fitness regime with the help of its upcoming Health Kit.

The latest HealthKit by Apple

The Health Kit introduced by the Apple shows how the company puts their customers as its first and top most priority. Partnered with the well renowned health care company Mayo Clinic, your latest iPhone can now keep a track on your important health metrics that too on a daily basis. This App is able to pull in data from the other thir parties as well, which itself can be accessed by the other health care professionals and by the users themselves for their respective personal uses.

Apple knows the importance of marketing these apps. Hence it has introduced its ad wherein it aims to promote the App. The ad features a group of people who are busy in doing various kinds of exercises and workouts, accompanied with attached gadgets. These gadgets have the song Chicken Fat being played. Apple aims to create a limelight for healthcare apps as well as devices, an intiative that might help the iPhone OS platforms to stay ahead of Android. It has been able to pull up the concern of fitness buzz with proper use of the iPhones.

The latest version of iPhone can be hence a really a good choice, like always. The HealthKit […]

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