DodoCase Cardboard Headset


Google has made an interesting thing a few months before when it launched a Cardboard in an I/O developers’ seminar. Cardboard signified the inexpensive virtual reality headset that one could probably prepare, either with the equipment offered by Google, or through blueprints that can be found at free online. About the manufacture of the product Phone accessory manufacturer DodoCase released its own ...

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Blackberry Acquires Movirtu – Relief for BOYD Single Device Guys!


Blackberry has just announced that it is buying London based startup Movirtu. While Blackberry itself is facing troubles in the consumer market, the enterprise side is where it still has a prominent presence. Blackberry offers probably the most comprehensive security suite and the venerable BBM with is ideal for companies to issue these phones to their employees and seems like ...

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.TV Domain Gets More Recognition with Online Video Surge


Dot com boom is highly popular and known worldwide during the turn of the century. But we are on the verge of another euphoria namely dot-tv boom. It is evident from the Amazon’s announcement of paying around $1.1 billion for a website which streams people playing video games. This website almost unheard of and its interestingly called rather than ...

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Are you in love with selfies?


Nokia has brought out just the right thing for you If you are perpetually obsessed with your selfies, then you can go for Nokia Lumia 730, which is almost like a treat to the selfie lovers. This smartphone is giving you a 5MP front camera along with the other outstanding features. The front facing camera, which is used for the ...

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Apple Unveils iPads Bigger Than Laptops


Apple is expected to release an iPad possessing screens bigger than some of its laptop screen size. This new iPad is named as iPad Pro is expected to go on sale in the first three months of the next year. Interestingly the screens of the latest Apple’s line of Macbook Air laptops is between 11 inch to 13 inch but ...

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A Huge Memory Card of 512GB SD Card- SanDisk


SanDisk released the Extreme Pro SDXC card (UHS-1) recently and it is the world’s leading SD card with space of 512 gigabytes of records and it is more than the storage capacity of a standard PC. Photographers can also like its capability to keep pace with top speeded burst photography. Lexar launched the first SD card of 256GB onto the ...

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Why It’s So Hard to Design New Emoji


Emoji are a common medium of communication now and is often taken for granted. However, they too have a long drawn and complicated beginning. And they never seem to have enough of them. There has been a huge outcry to diversify emojis but will little impact. Why? While anybody can design an emoji in their favorite vector drawing tool, getting ...

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Apple Launches a Revolutionary Mobile Payment Platform in iPhone 6


Bloomberg and many other new agencies are hot with the reports that the Apple had partnered with Visa, American Express and MasterCard to create a revolutionary mobile payment platform which would allow the users to pay from their iPhones in brick and mortar stores. Apple Introduces NFC chip in the iPhone The next iPhone variants are likely to possess a ...

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