DodoCase Cardboard Headset

Google has made an interesting thing a few months before when it launched a Cardboard in an I/O developers’ seminar. Cardboard signified the inexpensive virtual reality headset that one could probably prepare, either with the equipment offered by Google, or through blueprints that can be found at free online.

About the manufacture of the product

Phone accessory manufacturer DodoCase released its own model of Cardboard, which is a Virtual Reality Viewer. This product is manufactured in collaboration with Google. Founder of DodoCase, Patrick Buckley said that the company was motivated by the thought of getting some type of virtual reality to many people.

Buckley said that there are about 1.75 billion of Smartphone customers in the present day. They can be developed into VR devices. And DodoCase have now made it achievable for people all over the place to discover virtual reality in a reasonable price and in easy way with the new Smartphone Virtual Reality Viewer. Such do-it-yourself kit will permit you to put up your personal cardboard headset in a number of minutes and thus you can get the excitement, fun and thrilling world of VR.


The DodoCase observer is made with a cardboard, together with adhesive and Velcro and also 2 convex lenses. Any latest Smartphone can be installed inside, although phablets may need some alterations. Buckley also declared that entire case can be simply hacked in the same DIY manner, since it is only cardboard. The handset is placed straight inside it, with the screen in front of the viewer’s eyes.

Smartphone apps made for VR will usually show two slightly distinct pictures on the phone’s display screen to create stereoscopic 3D, and the phone’s integrated gyroscopes can identify movement. Buckley said that the company also decides to […]

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    Digital Wallet: Can Apple pull it off? PayPal has Something to Say…

Digital Wallet: Can Apple pull it off? PayPal has Something to Say…

With Apple’s keynote on September 9 over, we all know about the new iPhones, iOS 8 and Apple smartwatch done, the company also revealed something new – Apple Pay. It is Apple’s own payment system for iPhone users and uses NFC to achieve it. This is the first time Apple is getting into the digital payment world and can be a possible threat to existing companies. However, PayPal – an existing and established online payment company thinks that Apple is up for a hard time.

The Digital Wallet

Both Android and Windows Phone 8 support online payment via NFC where available. Apple was holding off on NFC till iPhone 6 to finally reveal it along with payment system. The digital wallet significantly simplifies your money transactions and frees you from the burden of carrying a leather wallet and credit cards. Multiple cards can be configured easily. However, there are already other solutions available like PayPal where you pay through your online account.

PayPal’s Warning

Digital money can be difficult to manage and people are finicky. The mass will not just suddenly run for digital wallet unless one provides something extra. In addition, not all banking institutions support NFC payments. PayPal over the decade has built connection with more than 15000 financial institutions and already has 150 million active users. According to them, such management is not easy and takes years of expertise to achieve. PayPal’s Rob Skinner even joked that “It’s much more difficult to do payments than to keep a live stream working!”

The Future

It seems like Apple maybe testing uncharted territory and chances are the “Apple Maps” fiasco happening again. However, Apple might just pull it off in time making it a hit. PayPal though thinks otherwise. […]

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    Blackberry Acquires Movirtu – Relief for BOYD Single Device Guys!

Blackberry Acquires Movirtu – Relief for BOYD Single Device Guys!

Blackberry has just announced that it is buying London based startup Movirtu. While Blackberry itself is facing troubles in the consumer market, the enterprise side is where it still has a prominent presence. Blackberry offers probably the most comprehensive security suite and the venerable BBM with is ideal for companies to issue these phones to their employees and seems like this acquisition might help the employees in return too.

Bring Your Own Device

Gone are the times when companies had strict rules about cellphones in office and you would see everyone with a Blackberry. With people finding greener pastures in Android and iPhones, companies have started recommending employees to bring their devices of choice and rolling out solutions for those. Thus, it becomes tedious for employees to have multiple smartphones with different profiles and SIM for office use and personal use. This is where Movirtu comes in.

What Movirtu Provides

Movirtu has developed a virtual mobile platform to associate multiple phone numbers to a single device with a single SIM. The billing will be done separately for each numbers. With more people preferring a single device, such a solution will be of great help and this is what Blackberry is betting on. While the terms of the deal have not been disclosed, the startup, which started in 2008, is backed by Gray Ghost Ventures and TLcom Capital Partners and has partnerships with HP and IBM.

What it means

With Blackberry already familiar in the cell phone business and its expansive contacts with various network providers over the world, Movirtu will increase its exposure. Blackberry is planning to launch the service worldwide by early next year. Movirtu’s management team will join Blackberry Enterprise Service platform. Whether this increases Blackberry’s hold on […]

.TV Domain Gets More Recognition with Online Video Surge

Dot com boom is highly popular and known worldwide during the turn of the century. But we are on the verge of another euphoria namely dot-tv boom. It is evident from the Amazon’s announcement of paying around $1.1 billion for a website which streams people playing video games. This website almost unheard of and its interestingly called rather than the expected This distinction could easily be overlooked by the normal users but it does show the significant shift in the way people consumes videos online especially the younger generation. In the today’s world, videos are mostly accessed from the smartphones and laptops rather than the traditional television sets.

A Small Island Nation Owns the Prestigious .tv domain

It might strike you as surprise but the .tv suffix is owned by an almost unknown tiny South Pacific island nation of Tuvalu. The ,tv suffix is gaining popularity among some companies which gets a chance to signal their video content to the people and even getting them addicted to their so called video websites. It should be noted that last month around 190 million Americans had watched the online video content from different video portals and websites.

During the internet boom of the 1990’s, the suffix like .tv was assigned to Tuvalu while .uk was given to Britain and .fr was given to France. And at the peak of Internet gold rush in 1999, a start-up named DotTv paid $50 milion to Tuvalu over 12 years for acquiring the rights to sell .tv to other companies. DotTv official understood that in near future TV viewing would certainly migrate to the web.

.tv Domain Boom

Few companies’ official states that the .tv web address is becoming an important entity from […]

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Are you in love with selfies?

Nokia has brought out just the right thing for you

If you are perpetually obsessed with your selfies, then you can go for Nokia Lumia 730, which is almost like a treat to the selfie lovers. This smartphone is giving you a 5MP front camera along with the other outstanding features. The front facing camera, which is used for the purpose of clicking selfie, has a wide-angle camera so that when you are clicking a photo along with friends then a portion of the picture does not get cut off in any way.

What else is there?

Do you want to modify the picture that you have taken? Then there are apps for that purpose too. The awesome picture editor makes your picture look beautiful so that you can share those with your friends instantly. Also there is an application known as the cover picture application so that with the help of that the picture can have complete cover lines on them so that it looks more appealing. The 6.7MP rear camera is also good so that the other photos are as beautiful as the selfies are.

Other features

There is another feature known as the face detection in which your face will be detected and automatically the camera will go off clicking your picture. This is indeed a smart step taken by the Nokia group. This feature ensures that when the face is within a perfect frame then only the picture will be taken. Lumia 730 is among those smartphones who has given emphasis to the camera part as it did to its other parts too.

All we can say about this smartphone is that it has taken a measure so as to satisfy the ones who are almost […]

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